Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Update on TFA Petition - Thanks & Support

First, I would like to especially thank Rustie Expecting to Fly and the entire Neil Young Internet community.

Also, need to give a big hand for the inspiration on this project, to the Neil Young Appreciation Society's fanclub and Broken Arrow Magazine. The November 2004 issue, edited by Scott "Surfer Joe" Sandie, really caused me to give off the couch and turn off that MTV. And Pete Long for the historic articles and details on the TFA album and tour. (Sorry Pete for omitting on the original web page, but that's corrected now).

Thanks to the following for linking to the petition:

Mark on Mansion on the Hill radio,

Frank on Chromewaves,

Some Depression Podcasts blog,

Dave on Large Hearted Boy and the LHB Bitorrent Brunch,

Mark at the Rock & Roll Report,

Lorraine over on the CSNY site Suite: Lorraine,

Rusted Sister over on the Greendale Tour Photos site,

Sharry on Human Highway,

MoMo over on the French Neil site Les Gens Ordinaires,

Joanne on Rusted Highway,

bh & Baron on Bad News Beat,

Barrel of Laughs on the Bob Dylan site DylanPool,

Sortasexy on Phish board Phish Hook

Dannn on the RadioHead site At Ease,

Vincent on the Frank Zappa site,

Sedan Delivery on the Robert Randolph & The Family Band site,

A Furry Thing on Pearl Jam's Message Pit board,

Barrel of Laughs on the Grateful Dead group rec.music.gdead,

David P. Hill posting on the Steve Hoffman Music Board,

Germany's Neil Archive,

The German metal site Metalius,

The Wilco board Via Chicago,

Cowboy Junkies message board,

Neil Young Group,

Rock Town Hall discussion group,

Led Zeppelin forum :: Voir le sujet - Neil Young

Rolling Stones Forum :: Connexion

Nick on the Eat My Justice blog.

Blogcritics.org has picked up the story, also.

Big thanks to Jef at Sidestreet Records.

Also, Dust Congress, Golden Fiddle, Blues for a North Arrow, Luddite Robot, All Night Surfing, German music blog it's always the quiet ones, Claude Pate, POSSO OUVIR UM DISCO? : Discos Desaparecidos, Hasharat, MUSIC HISTORY: Latest Listenings, HeadSpace, Memphilter and

Linkfilter, (comment and vote on this link to sustain & refresh, see link stats, it's already been voted as a Hot Link!)

Radio Paradise Forums - eclectic online rock radio discussion.

And after tracking about 100 incoming links, I've given up. Here are other sites supporting the Time Fades Away petition.

Well that's a few of the sites that I've tracked but probably still missing a bunch. So let me know of any other sites. Drop a comment below with link.

Finally, thank you Colin Young for starting the Release "On The Beach" petition site and showing us all what our collective power can accomplish.

If you haven't signed yet: Go Sign The Petition Today!

If you have, thank you very much. And also, please take a moment to thank the good folks above, pass along our appreciation to the group members at the other sites and encourage others to participate. Spread the word.

Thanks everyone in the Neil community for your support of this project!

Because, you can make a difference if you really try.

Hiding Behind Haybales,
ps - of course, thanks Thrashette for all of your support.


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