Thursday, February 24, 2005

Update: Numbers Add Up To Something

Hey, Hey,

Yesterday, we crossed the 1,000th signature on the Release "Time Fades Away" Petition.

The 1,000th signature was submitted by Mark Nielsen. Mark comments:

"Release this already!!!"

Thrashette thinks we need to come up with something for Mark. Anybody have any suggestions?

As a footnote, the Release "On The Beach" Petition took approximately 6 months to cross the 1,000 signature mark between June and November 2000.

I had figured that the TFA petion would not do as well as the OTB petition given it's more favorable preference and being part of the whole missing 6 saga.

So not to bad for 2 weeks, folks!!! Way to go. This is pretty cool.

I've had a bunch of suggestions on keeping this going, so keep the ideas coming.

Hiding Behind Haybales,

ps - if you haven't signed yet, go to: