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Release "Time Fades Away" Petition

"It's like stashing Mona Lisa in the basement."
Petition Signature Signer #6628 by Gareth D.

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UPDATE: Neil Young's Time Fades Away on CD: "50 years have passed." + BELOW POST

It's been called the "missing link" of the "Ditch Trilogy".

Neil Young's 1973 Time Fades Away is one of the most remarkable live albums ever recorded. Certainly at the time of release, it was almost unprecedented for an artist to release a live concert recording of previously unreleased material. Long out of print on vinyl, still unavailable on CD in the early 21st century and widely bootlegged, the album is considered to be the "Holy Grail" of all Neil Young albums.

In an effort to gain wider distribution of this essential Neil Young recording, fans have started a petition requesting that the album be officially released. Those interested in obtaining a legal copy of Time Fades Away are urged to sign the petition today.

In 2003, it seemed that an official release was near when four of the "Missing 6" Neil Young albums surfaced. (On The Beach, one of the four albums released after a long hiatus, was also the subject of a fan's petition drive which would eventually gather over 5,000 signatures from the Neil Young Internet fan community Rust and Human Highway.)

HDCD test pressings were circulated and have been widely bootlegged by fans without turntables and no other means of hearing the album. Searches on eBay regularly turnup worn out copies of Time Fades Away commanding top dollar in vinyl auctions. An autographed vinyl copy in excellent condition recently sold for $100.00.
A recent issue of the Neil Young Appreciation Society's fanclub Broken Arrow Magazine (November 2004) featured extensive information by Pete Long on the Time Fades Away album and tour. While reading over the issue (edited by Scott "Surfer Joe" Sandie), Thrasher was inspired to do something about this long overdue omission from Neil's catalog.

Time Fades Away
is the first installment of the trio of albums known as the "Ditch Trilogy" along with his two other early 1970's materpieces Tonight's The Night and On The Beach. The edgy moody darkness of recording and brilliantly erratic song selection offer the portrait of the artist undergoing a deep catharsis and unraveling simultaneously. The tension is so palpable on the recordings that most listeners turned away -- or worse -- ignored completely.

Rock historian Pete Long writes in Broken Arrow:
"There is a chapter in Neil Young's history that is often referred to as his Dark Period. A time when his personal life appeared to gradually disintegrate amidst a series of mishaps and misadventures while critical career decisions seemed irrational and ill thought-out. Yet, paradoxically it has become recognized as one of the most artistically productive and critically, if not commercially, acclaimed periods of his life. A period that spawned a trio of outstanding released albums and a legendary unreleased album."

From Robert Christgau's review of "Time Fades Away":
"This is no desperate throwaway or quickie live album. Loud and dense but never heavy, singing with riffs concocted from the simplest harmonic components, it's squarely country, yet it never hints at nouveau-rockabilly good times."
The Time Fades Away tour took place in the aftermath of Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten's death. Whitten had been trying to kick a heroin habit and was fired by Young, who gave him an airline ticket home and fifty dollars. The next day Whitten was dead of an overdose and Young was devastated by the news. As the stress of the tour and grief over Whitten's death sank in, Young's concerts became more and more ragged and raw.

For many fans, the tour and album Time Fades Away, marked a turning point in their perception of Young's music -- either turning away from forever or towards it with ever greater appreciation. From long time fan Mike "Expecting To Fly" Cordova's Albums in Order review series:
"I really don't know how long it took me to understand the artistic statement Neil was making but I understand now and was starting to understand then that Neil Young was not someone who was going to let a public perception of him as some kind of laid-back hippie define the art that he was producing. He was following his muse, not the expectations of his record company or his fans, or the general record-buying public. He was making the music he wanted to make. I just loved that Neil was not in this to cash out on a few pop-star hits and fade away---he was in this for the long haul."

It is against this backdrop that we can begin to understand Neil's deteriorating mindset during the tour and how viscerally this comes across. Even 30 years later through the crackles of my well worn vinyl record, we can only imagine what audiences must have thought upon hearing these songs.

If you can, find it, listen to it and soak it in. As Colin Young wrote regarding the On The Beach petition drive:
"We'll probably never know if it had any effect on Neil's decision - but that scarcely matters, what matters is that folks can now buy the album and decide for themselves if it was worth it. And of course a big thank you to Neil Young himself for finally doing it. You had your reasons Neil, I guess but now that it's out, maybe everyone including Neil Young will stop worrying about it."


In the meantime, sign the petition today.


  • Finally! Time Fades Away About to be Re-released
  • 3rd Year Anniversary: Release "Time Fades Away" Pe...
  • Petition Gathers Over 10,000 Signatures
  • TFA Now in Top 20 All-Time on Petition Spot
  • Petition Passes 5,000 Signatures
  • UPDATE: TFA Petition and Signature Highlights
  • Artwork Update
  • UPDATE: Mojo Mag looking for unreleased gems sugge...
  • Petition Comments Highlights
  • UPDATE: - Album Song Poll & "Don't Be Denied"

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    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    3rd Year Anniversary: Release "Time Fades Away" Petition

    3rd Year Anniversary: Release "Time Fades Away" Petition

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Petition Gathers Over 10,000 Signatures

    Release "Time Fades Away" Petition Gathers Over 10,000 Signatures

    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    TFA Now in Top 20 All-Time on Petition Spot

    The "Time Fades Away" Petition is now in the Top 20 on Petition Spot.

    More on petition on "It's like stashing Mona Lisa in the basement".

    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Petition Passes 5,000 Signatures

    The Release "Time Fades Away" Petition is approaching 5,000 signatures. Last we checked, the petition had crossed the 4,900 mark.

    So it looks like any day now, we'll cross the 5K goal. And then what? Print, bundle up and drop off at the Reprise/Warner Bros. headquarters like Fiona Apple fans did?

    Go here for updates on the Release "Time Fades Away" Petition.

    Thrasher's favorite recent signature is from Judy W. (#4514): "When God Made Me, did He say "Don't Re-Release Time Fades Away"?" C'mon Neil!

    And then sign the Release Neil Young's "Time Fades Away" Album Petition!

    Petition now over 5,000+ signatures. Um? Onto 10,000?

    Thursday, July 21, 2005

    UPDATE: TFA Petition and Signature Highlights

    Hey, Hey,

    A few folks have asked about the Release "Time Fades Away" Petition and it's been awhile so here's the latest.

    Earlier this week, we crossed over the 3,000th signature milestone!

    It's been about six months since the petition started and while the signature rate has dropped, it remains steady with new signatures coming in every day.

    And here are a few signature highlights for your amusement and reading

    #3044 Andy Stump:
    "It is time to release Neil's entire catalog. He is Reprise Records greatest artist, surpassing Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix."

    #2233 Reginald George Thornhill:
    "I am guilty of recording a friends vinyl and putting it on CD. I would like to buy a real one. Yonder stands a sinner."

    #2927 Jean S. Beck :
    "For a very long time now, I have believed there is a rare breed of individuals in this world who have come down through the ages, and who are people who just "know". Neil Young is one of them. The rest of us are fortunate to able to have our lives touched by his music, his lyrics and his thoughts on life as he experiences it.
    He will always be right up there. It gives me great pleasure to sign this petition."

    #2907 Jeff Willets:
    "This spooky album took me from the folk hippie electric sound to the raw metal edge- Neil's best live album. Reminds me of when as a teenager you found yourself in a stadium full of dosed adults and things were definitely on edge."

    #2898 Andrea Walter, Suhl, Germany:
    "A man needs a maid ----I needs Time Fades Away CD"

    #2708 mike narstedt, Stockholm:
    "I have lot of memories from this album. I was 19 when it was released and it was a wild time in my life with lot of partys, peace love and understanding, sitting in a park outside Stockholm playing guitar and drinking beer. I remember when I learned to play DonĀ“t be denied. My vinyl is since long gone and I have collected all Neils albums on CD. I miss this one."

    #2701 evan buck:
    "I am 17 and have listened to Neil with my parents all my life, I play guitar because of him and understand life way beyond my years because of him. I would never have picked up a guitar if it weren't for him."

    #2694 Dow Kimbrell :
    "I bought this record sometime in 87-88 in a bin at my hometown headshop, and having just heard and really absorbed on the beach, I thought it was the best live record I ever heard. Bitter and sad and lonely, a lot like I felt at the time. It helped me. I think it should be out there for everybody to hear."

    #2333 David Hodgson-Egan :
    "I heard this once thru in 1974. There is an awesome howling tortured beauty to it. It's a genius in pain."

    #2172 Fred Mossberg :
    "If Tonight's The Night was remastered and released on CD, why not this one, too? This music gets under your skin in the most delicious way. Neil's "haunting" material, such as on "Tonight's," "Time Fades, and "On The Beach" is particularly special, because the lyrics and melodies seep into your soul and cleanse your spirit, somehow. My recollection of my old vinyl copy (purchased in a cut-out bin and not
    played for probably the last ten years) is that the sound quality was a bit murky. A clean digital remastering would be mighty refreshing. Please forget the payday, for a second. The fans who have purchased record albums, CDs, and concert tix for Neil these past thirty-five years would really appreciate this a lot. Thanks, Neil!"

    #2102 Michael Sobota:
    "I once had a vinyl of "Time Fades Away" that took me years to find. My roommate in college knocked over a shelf and smashed all of my Missing 6...a very painful day (December 3, 1997...but who's keeping track?). I have a bootleg CD of TFA, but I'd be glad to give my money to Neil and feel guiltless listening to "LA" and "Journey..."

    #2100 Joe Valenzuela :
    "When I stumbled upon this petition site while TAB searching for "Going Back", I thought of the "After The Gold Rush" album. How influencial that album to me while becoming a teen-ager. To this day I still got most of your albums in vinyl. I still listens to them!

    Why I'm anxious to hear "Time Fades Away"? I don't know? But I think a lot people out there feels the same way. You have no idea how important your music to us."

    #2099 Mark :
    "What would Sun Green do? Or Grandpa?"

    #2074 Jack Fenworthy, Toronto, Ontario:
    "My Man, Neil:

    Your work is unlike any other artist in the music industry. No one compares to your integrity, your honesty and your musical ability. Hell - your lyrics are awesome as well !

    Time Fades Away is one of the rawest and purely entertaining albums I've ever heard. Please re-release it. It's a diamond in the rough, waiting to be heard by many of today's younger listeners. Please keep rocking."

    #1611 Dave Hook:
    "This is one your top artistic statements ever. Please release it. Art is about pain sometimes, and this is as raw a statement on that subject as I've ever seen."

    #1609 Hemel Hempstead, UK:
    "I love this Neil Young album and would dearly like to see it re-released. Mind you, despite a 15 year gap since last playing the vinyl version, (still unpacked though 3 house moves) it still exists perfectly in my head. Endless listening to and playing with on guitar has ingrained it. So, in actual fact, I don't need it re-released.
    Well, at least, not like those who have never heard it. Anyway, I rather like using the "I wonder if it's been released yet" excuse for checking the "Y" section in music stores I pass and when it's not there (surprise!) buying something else instead. Time Fades Away will eventually, like On The Beach, Hawks & Doves and Re-ac-tor were, be
    re-released and become cherished again - I have no doubt of that. Oh yes, and when it does get released can we please NOT start up anything similar for Journey through the Past. No, what I really, really, really, want released is the naked, original version of Tonight's The Night! Oh yes, and Volumes 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of the Neil Young Complete
    music book series. Thanks."

    Hiding Behind Haybales,
    ps - if you haven't signed the petition yet, go to:

    Monday, April 25, 2005

    Artwork Update

    The artwork for the Release "Time Fades Away" Petition page has recently been updated and looks fantastic.

    Jef, over at Sidestreet Records, has been very generous in redesigning the page and offering up lots of rare Neil Young artwork. Many thanks Jef!

    And speaking of the petition, we crossed the 2,000 signature level last week. A footnote on the TFA petition relative to the On The Beach Petition. It took approximately one year for the OTB petition to cross the 2,000 signature mark between June 2000 and May 2001 -- something TFA has achieved in less than 3 months!

    (Not trying to knock the OTB petition drive here -- as we've said before -- but to point out how much the Neil Young community has come together on this effort.)

    On another sidenote, a reader emailed Thrasher the story of the Fiona Apple fans petitioning for the release of the "Extraordinary Machine" album. Now this is an interesting story in and of itself full of charges and counter-charges. Thus far, the Fiona Apple petition has gathered over 32,000 signatures.

    The Free Fiona website features extensive information on the fans' campaign, including event calendars, donation links, and even a gift shop for t-shirts and hats?!

    All Thrasher can say is, "And I thought I didn't have a life..."

    Meanwhile, the signatures continue to roll in for our little effort to Free TFA.

    Some signature highlights:
    "I guess the closest comment to my heart is that I can think of only two other recordings that stand so far apart from - literally - everything else, those being "Tonight's the Night" and the 5 cd bootleg collection of Dylan's "The Genuine Basement Tapes", music that expresses feelings that most other artists can't imagine in their deepest dreams, I have a vinyl copy, of course, and when do I get to listen to that?

    "Time Fades Away" is meant to be listened to alone or with a tight friend. Like in my car. Please do this, I'm 53 and I feel like ten years have fallen on my head in the last one, don't wait... "cause you know how time fades away." "
    #1473 Mark P. Bloedel

    "Dear Neil:
    This is one your top artistic statements ever. Please release it. Art is about pain sometimes, and this is as raw a statement on that subject as I've ever seen."
    #1611 Dave Hook

    "Dear Godfather, Neil

    Don't let the money go to the bootleggers. You can direct the moneyflow from this cd to the charity. Thanks and get well soon!!"
    #1699 Arnold Von Kakka

    " "Time Fades Away" is a necessary complement to "Tonight's the Night". Don't Be Denied, World on a String, and Borrowed Tune are cut from the same piece of cloth. Both albums need to released to help define and give depth and meaning to the other. These two were my favorite NY albums but are now gone."
    #1694 Waller Tabb

    "I'm 47 years old. I've listened to Time Fades Away since I bought a copy in the late 70s. Though my life has evolved and I've changed, my appreciation for this collection of songs has not diminished. The music is great, the messages within the songs is real, and the memories it provokes are genuine. Despite its perceived imperfections, there are a lot of people would simply like to add Time Fades Away to their CD collection."
    #1727 Rob Schubert

    "Our man Neil, the epitome of integrity and articulate artistic know. Anyway, C'mon Reprise Records. We won't burn out, rust, or fade away in our dedication or respect for our inspiring friend. (if it's not too much to ask, that cool orange "Reprise Records" label would be a nice touch in your soon to be released CD of Neil Young's "Time Fades Away." Thanks, and hello Neil fans."
    #1845 John Marandawg

    "Reprise has a great history of releasing quality music, even in an age of total sell-out commercialism, you all have stayed within limits and seem to, even when you stray, come back to the fold of keeping some art & higher purpose in music, so thanks... Please continue that legacy by releasing this record... Maybe you can add media from Neil that hasn't & cannot be touched by the bootleggers who have been forced to release this record to Neil's fans out of their love for Neil's contributions to our rock-n-roll, which we will not let die, although it may get far into 'the black' we disciples will always pull it back into the light... As long as we have 3 chords, a message, electric guitars & drums, we will fight the death culture & live in ragged glory & not pressure cleaned mediocrity.Fly one, broken arrow.

    In Love infinite, Eric Haase-creator
    Doing my best to save what's left of the planet from the humans."

    "Well, my grandfather listened to neil, my dad still rocks to neil and i soak it all in and love it all. this album is one of the greatest of all times. period!"
    #2013 bobby bertrand

    "Please make my dad [& husband] happy and release this great album!"
    #1776, 1777, 1778, 1779 The Hand Family - Lucie, Grace, May & Pam Hands

    So if you haven't signed yet, what are you waiting for???

    Thursday, March 10, 2005

    UPDATE: Mojo Mag looking for unreleased gems suggestions

    Timely enough upcoming article in Mojo Magazine on unreleased albums. The editors are looking for suggestions.

    After signing the release "Time fades Away" petition, you can write the editors at Mojo with your suggestions @:

    Make "Subject:" line "Albums unavailable on CD Poll".

    Let's see what happens...

    Sunday, March 06, 2005

    Petition Comments Highlights

    Lot of great comments on the TFA petition still rolling in. I really enjoy reading these and folks have made some great comments. Some are a real barrel of laughs...

    #1019 - dave johnston:
    "All of Shakespeare's plays, good or bad, are available in an easily accessed format, aren't they?"

    #1018 - ryan coleman, buffalo, ny USA:
    "From opening to close, this album has always been one of my alltime favorites. la, don't be denied and last dance helped me to learn new guitar techniques long ago. neil should be proud of this album."

    #1017 - Edward Mulholland:
    "Neil, I love this record. so what if you don't like it yourself? The songs are strong and the atitude in which they are played is total 'fuck you!'. It's country rock crossed with punk, years before Green on Red or REM had the idea. I bought a very shitty sounding bootleg copy on CD before finding a mint copy on LP. If you don't like the record fine, get over it and let us be the judge!"

    Lastly, the Petition story just got picked up on Blogcritics.

    If you get a chance, check out the article and drop a comment at the
    bottom. (No registration required.)

    More comment highlights below in COMMENTS.

    Tuesday, March 01, 2005

    UPDATE: - Album Song Poll & "Don't Be Denied"

    Time Fades Away fans have spoken and their favorite song on the album is "Don't Be Denied". Surprise!

    Visitors to the Release Petition page voted in favor of "Don't Be Denied" about 31%.

    DBD was closely followed by three other songs: "Last Dance", The Bridge" and "L.A." each with about 13% of the total 660 votes cast.
    Here's the complete vote breakdown:

    Don't Be Denied - 30.9%

    L.A. - 12.9%
    The Bridge - 12.9%
    Last Dance - 12.9%

    Time Fades Away - 7.9%
    Love In Mind - 7.6%
    Yonder Stands the Sinner - 7.5%
    Journey Through the Past - 7.3%

    It's interesting that there is a very distinct breakdown into three tiers of votes: 1) DBD 2) "Last Dance", The Bridge" and "L.A." and 3) "Time Fades Away", "Love In Mind", "Yonder Stands the Sinner", and "Journey Through the Past". And interesting how tightly clustered the vote packs are.

    As for DBD's popularity among Neil fans, it's probably no surprise -- what with those classic lines about Neil lying on his back in the schoolyard with the punches coming fast and hard. I guess we can all relate to playground bullies...

    But probably the most interesting aspect of DBD is the legendary "Oh Canada" verse.

    The verse appears on the album liner lyrics, yet doesn't make it onto the actual album itself? See Neil's handwritten lyrics.

    The "lost" verse that begins "Oh Canada, we played all night...." is dissected in detail in Broken Arrow Magazine (Vol #96, p.56) by Scott Sandie and Giovanni Pompili.

    From a review by Robert Christgau:

    "The opener, 'Don't Be Denied' is an anthem of encouragement to young hopefuls everywhere that doesn't shrink from laying open fame and its discontents."

    From a review of the journey Through the Past film by Janet Maslin, New York Times:

    "His film has a certain amount in common with his new live album, Time Fades Away. The album, like the film, has a very raw feel to it, as though Neil were deliberately trying to shake off the perfectionism of his past efforts. The album, like the film, is more expressive than it is articulate, but the real stylistic departure is one of mood--the vocals are wild, agonized, deliberately jarring.

    The backing musicians play less than perfectly because they're playing live, but their gut intensity is an ideal match for Young's new strained sound. Also Time Fades Away contains one of his all-time great songs, 'Don't Be Denied'; the song mixes autobiographical verses with a chorus that chants the title warning, all adding up to a wail of epic frustration.

    It's Young's most emotional, most personal song to date, probably his most moving -- and the song, even more than his new interest in filmmaking, seems to mark a crucial turning point in his career.

    Neil Young, rock-and-roll groundhog, may finally be ready to emerge."

    In the Tonight's the Night liner notes on the 5th November, 1973 concert at London's Rainbow Theatre:

    "Don't Be Denied", the song for Danny develops into a terrible, deep-reaching event. The playing is awful but the emotion is great Neil is incapable of putting any structure into his guitar-playing instead, he comes across as a man possessed, hair flying, pounding his guitar, jumping and screaming: "Oh friend of mine, don't be denied, don't be denied, don't be denied."

    Confused, he comes up to the microphone and begins to talk gently: "You buy a newspaper on the street in the morning, and you open it at page two straightaway because you can't read page of all the I'm in the desert....The Americans are there. Let's think about the desert this evening. In the desert there's a lion, some people are standing on one side on the lion and some on the other. Everybody knows what I'm talking about, so everybody can draw their own conclusions. We're going to play a song, ladies and gentlemen, to try to cheer ourselves up. It wasn't very good in the desert was it? I didn't like it much there anyway".

    Lots of interesting comments on the petition. Here's a sample:

    #325 - Fons van den Eeckhout: "I seem to be one of the lucky few who
    have a good vinyl copy of the album; recently I reinstalled my
    LP-player and have been playing the album regularly. It's superb! a
    lot of very good songs, but Don't be Denied is certainly the best."

    #441 - Toby Nelson: "TFA is my favorite Neil album. I found a used
    vinyl copy a couple of years ago and I nearly wore it out the first
    weekend listening to it. "Don't Be Denied" is one of the most powerful
    songs ever. Please release it, so that this album won't just fade

    And tons more comments on TFA songs.

    Thursday, February 24, 2005

    Update: Numbers Add Up To Something

    Hey, Hey,

    Yesterday, we crossed the 1,000th signature on the Release "Time Fades Away" Petition.

    The 1,000th signature was submitted by Mark Nielsen. Mark comments:

    "Release this already!!!"

    Thrashette thinks we need to come up with something for Mark. Anybody have any suggestions?

    As a footnote, the Release "On The Beach" Petition took approximately 6 months to cross the 1,000 signature mark between June and November 2000.

    I had figured that the TFA petion would not do as well as the OTB petition given it's more favorable preference and being part of the whole missing 6 saga.

    So not to bad for 2 weeks, folks!!! Way to go. This is pretty cool.

    I've had a bunch of suggestions on keeping this going, so keep the ideas coming.

    Hiding Behind Haybales,

    ps - if you haven't signed yet, go to:

    Friday, February 18, 2005

    TFA Petition Update - Comments Highlights

    Hey Hey,

    Regarding the TFA petition, I'm just now getting around to reading some of the comments and really getting a tickle out of them. Some great posts, folks!

    Here are just a couple of comment highlights I've pulled from the first few hundred signatures. If you see some gems that need highlighting, let me know.

    Pontus - Neil, My LP is worn out, my tapes turned to rust and I was too young and lived too far away to see the tour. Please?

    Sharry W - Time Fades Away way too fast. Help us fans take a Journey Through the Past. We love TFA!

    Chuck D - Mr. Young, I've read that you're not too fond of this album, but I hope you reconsider the decision not to re-release's a true classic! Your albums are like chapters in a book, but without Time Fades Away the story is incomplete.

    Mark R - This historic recording deserves to be made available. I would much prefer to purchase an official release than to resort to lining the pockets of bootleggers.

    Art S - My first Neil live experience was the TFA tour in Denver in March of 1973. Later that year, unemployed and broke I sold a pint of blood to buy this LP. Worth every drop.

    Keith F - Long-time fan that has seen Neil in concert many times. Would love to hear this album without having to pay an exorbitant price to bootleggers. Am a firm believer that great live rock and roll may be the only magic left in the world.

    Robert S. - This album has a ton of soul. You can hear it like you're there, edges, bum notes, LA, High A to High G intro of "Don't be Denied". We need for our sanity and to counterbalance the NY Greatest Hits.

    idiot slowdown: I'm fortunate enough to have a really nice, clean vinyl copy of TFA, but I know that there are a lot of other people out there who don't, and they certainly deserve to hear the album. It's very rough and ragged music, but is completely essential to the overall picture of Young's career, and contains some great songs on it. The fact that songs like "Journey Thru the Past" and "Don't Be Denied" are officially unavailable today, even after having been released thirty years ago, is unconscionable. They are worth every bit of the praise that is heaped upon similar efforts on "On the Beach" and "Tonight's the Night."

    Mike - This LP is 1 of my all time favs. So Raw and on the edge. This LP confirmed for me, in 74, that I was hooked. Like a big fat bass on the line. My friends used to give me shit about it , it was that bad. But I was right and they were wrong.
    The only reason that I can think of that Neil won't release it is cause it's just too damn painful for him.
    He still hasn't gotten over Dannys death and how it all went down and this Lp is a constant reminder of that painful time period for Neil. I'm sure he'd like to come to grips with it, but that's like tellin some one that black is blue and Red is yellow.All the unanswered questions and what could have beens. But, this is a step in the right direction,I'm sure that it will touch Neil, and for that I thank and salute you Mike. This is a great show of unity.
    thank you my Rustie Brother.

    Pauly (harpoondodger) - Time Fades Away stands as a light in the storm of a 21st century musical wasteland...A breath of truth amidst a cloud of lies. Please release it, so more folks can get exposed to it's brilliance~

    Suite Lorraine - A classic album that is PURE NEIL....
    "You can live your own life
    Making it happen
    Working on your own time
    Laid back and laughin'
    Oh no, oh no.
    No, no, no."

    b armstrong (aka aintnowall) - Neil, For it's energy, soul, and passion...please release it. I wore out the vinyl decades ago, and well, you know what happens to those freakin' cassettes.

    dpenny on Steve Hoffman music board - I've been known to enjoy a Neil Young record from time to time, and as much as I love TFA, Neil clearly doesn't. If he had wanted to issue a high rez version of the album it would have come out with ON THE BEACH and the others in the recent batch of DVD-A's. That he didn't speaks volumes about the chances of a petition moving him to action (or licensing it for SH to work on). I do think it's unfair to those who have heard the album and adore it (and to those who haven't and would) but ce la vie.

    barnyard pimp on Wilco's Via Chicago - I think one of the reasons the album wasn't released on CD/DVD-A along w/ "On the Beach" "American Stars n Bars" "Hawks & Doves" and "REACTOR", aside from Neil's general uneasiness regarding that era (yet he still loves Tonight's the Night!), is that the master tapes are essentially non-existant -- it was recorded straight to 2-track every night and they just picked the best versions. That said, it WAS mastered to HDCD 10 years ago, and was almost released (the CD exists in verrrrrry limited quantities), so it's not a totally impossible idea, just one that Neil doesn't seem to want to pursue (he probably gets a kick out of it still being unavailable).

    Sortasexy on Phish Hook Board - "My dad, who is the biggest Neil fan I will probably ever know asked me to pass this along to my "Phishhook friends" and while he knows that it is unlikely for Neil to release it, he and his "rusties" still have hope. Please sign the petition everyone! It can't hurt."

    But my favorite signature so far is #795 from Bill who claims to be the guy on the cover of TFA flashing the peace sign. OK, right. Well if it really is you, I for one would sure like to hear more about your thoughts on the concert that night!

    You know on the cover that guy flashing a peace sign by the stage?
    Well, I think that's me. But I need an album cover to know for sure.
    Please release this so I can tell my kids!
    Bill in Philly

    I mean the cover photo was taken by Joel Bernstein at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, afterall. And the signer says he's from Philly (short for Philadelphia, you know?)

    Next thing will be the person who threw the rose onstage signing the petition...

    Well that's a few of the innaresting comments out there.

    If you haven't signed yet, then go sign the petition today!

    If you have already, thank you very much. And also, please take a moment to thank the good folks who are supporting our project (see Thanks and Credit below petition announcement), pass along our appreciation to the group members at the other sites and encourage others to participate. Spread the word.

    Thanks everyone in the Neil community for your support of this project!

    Because, you can make a difference if you really try.

    Numbers add up to nothing,

    Tuesday, February 15, 2005

    Update on TFA Petition - Thanks & Support

    First, I would like to especially thank Rustie Expecting to Fly and the entire Neil Young Internet community.

    Also, need to give a big hand for the inspiration on this project, to the Neil Young Appreciation Society's fanclub and Broken Arrow Magazine. The November 2004 issue, edited by Scott "Surfer Joe" Sandie, really caused me to give off the couch and turn off that MTV. And Pete Long for the historic articles and details on the TFA album and tour. (Sorry Pete for omitting on the original web page, but that's corrected now).

    Thanks to the following for linking to the petition:

    Mark on Mansion on the Hill radio,

    Frank on Chromewaves,

    Some Depression Podcasts blog,

    Dave on Large Hearted Boy and the LHB Bitorrent Brunch,

    Mark at the Rock & Roll Report,

    Lorraine over on the CSNY site Suite: Lorraine,

    Rusted Sister over on the Greendale Tour Photos site,

    Sharry on Human Highway,

    MoMo over on the French Neil site Les Gens Ordinaires,

    Joanne on Rusted Highway,

    bh & Baron on Bad News Beat,

    Barrel of Laughs on the Bob Dylan site DylanPool,

    Sortasexy on Phish board Phish Hook

    Dannn on the RadioHead site At Ease,

    Vincent on the Frank Zappa site,

    Sedan Delivery on the Robert Randolph & The Family Band site,

    A Furry Thing on Pearl Jam's Message Pit board,

    Barrel of Laughs on the Grateful Dead group,

    David P. Hill posting on the Steve Hoffman Music Board,

    Germany's Neil Archive,

    The German metal site Metalius,

    The Wilco board Via Chicago,

    Cowboy Junkies message board,

    Neil Young Group,

    Rock Town Hall discussion group,

    Led Zeppelin forum :: Voir le sujet - Neil Young

    Rolling Stones Forum :: Connexion

    Nick on the Eat My Justice blog. has picked up the story, also.

    Big thanks to Jef at Sidestreet Records.

    Also, Dust Congress, Golden Fiddle, Blues for a North Arrow, Luddite Robot, All Night Surfing, German music blog it's always the quiet ones, Claude Pate, POSSO OUVIR UM DISCO? : Discos Desaparecidos, Hasharat, MUSIC HISTORY: Latest Listenings, HeadSpace, Memphilter and

    Linkfilter, (comment and vote on this link to sustain & refresh, see link stats, it's already been voted as a Hot Link!)

    Radio Paradise Forums - eclectic online rock radio discussion.

    And after tracking about 100 incoming links, I've given up. Here are other sites supporting the Time Fades Away petition.

    Well that's a few of the sites that I've tracked but probably still missing a bunch. So let me know of any other sites. Drop a comment below with link.

    Finally, thank you Colin Young for starting the Release "On The Beach" petition site and showing us all what our collective power can accomplish.

    If you haven't signed yet: Go Sign The Petition Today!

    If you have, thank you very much. And also, please take a moment to thank the good folks above, pass along our appreciation to the group members at the other sites and encourage others to participate. Spread the word.

    Thanks everyone in the Neil community for your support of this project!

    Because, you can make a difference if you really try.

    Hiding Behind Haybales,
    ps - of course, thanks Thrashette for all of your support.