Thursday, July 21, 2005

UPDATE: TFA Petition and Signature Highlights

Hey, Hey,

A few folks have asked about the Release "Time Fades Away" Petition and it's been awhile so here's the latest.

Earlier this week, we crossed over the 3,000th signature milestone!

It's been about six months since the petition started and while the signature rate has dropped, it remains steady with new signatures coming in every day.

And here are a few signature highlights for your amusement and reading

#3044 Andy Stump:
"It is time to release Neil's entire catalog. He is Reprise Records greatest artist, surpassing Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix."

#2233 Reginald George Thornhill:
"I am guilty of recording a friends vinyl and putting it on CD. I would like to buy a real one. Yonder stands a sinner."

#2927 Jean S. Beck :
"For a very long time now, I have believed there is a rare breed of individuals in this world who have come down through the ages, and who are people who just "know". Neil Young is one of them. The rest of us are fortunate to able to have our lives touched by his music, his lyrics and his thoughts on life as he experiences it.
He will always be right up there. It gives me great pleasure to sign this petition."

#2907 Jeff Willets:
"This spooky album took me from the folk hippie electric sound to the raw metal edge- Neil's best live album. Reminds me of when as a teenager you found yourself in a stadium full of dosed adults and things were definitely on edge."

#2898 Andrea Walter, Suhl, Germany:
"A man needs a maid ----I needs Time Fades Away CD"

#2708 mike narstedt, Stockholm:
"I have lot of memories from this album. I was 19 when it was released and it was a wild time in my life with lot of partys, peace love and understanding, sitting in a park outside Stockholm playing guitar and drinking beer. I remember when I learned to play DonĀ“t be denied. My vinyl is since long gone and I have collected all Neils albums on CD. I miss this one."

#2701 evan buck:
"I am 17 and have listened to Neil with my parents all my life, I play guitar because of him and understand life way beyond my years because of him. I would never have picked up a guitar if it weren't for him."

#2694 Dow Kimbrell :
"I bought this record sometime in 87-88 in a bin at my hometown headshop, and having just heard and really absorbed on the beach, I thought it was the best live record I ever heard. Bitter and sad and lonely, a lot like I felt at the time. It helped me. I think it should be out there for everybody to hear."

#2333 David Hodgson-Egan :
"I heard this once thru in 1974. There is an awesome howling tortured beauty to it. It's a genius in pain."

#2172 Fred Mossberg :
"If Tonight's The Night was remastered and released on CD, why not this one, too? This music gets under your skin in the most delicious way. Neil's "haunting" material, such as on "Tonight's," "Time Fades, and "On The Beach" is particularly special, because the lyrics and melodies seep into your soul and cleanse your spirit, somehow. My recollection of my old vinyl copy (purchased in a cut-out bin and not
played for probably the last ten years) is that the sound quality was a bit murky. A clean digital remastering would be mighty refreshing. Please forget the payday, for a second. The fans who have purchased record albums, CDs, and concert tix for Neil these past thirty-five years would really appreciate this a lot. Thanks, Neil!"

#2102 Michael Sobota:
"I once had a vinyl of "Time Fades Away" that took me years to find. My roommate in college knocked over a shelf and smashed all of my Missing 6...a very painful day (December 3, 1997...but who's keeping track?). I have a bootleg CD of TFA, but I'd be glad to give my money to Neil and feel guiltless listening to "LA" and "Journey..."

#2100 Joe Valenzuela :
"When I stumbled upon this petition site while TAB searching for "Going Back", I thought of the "After The Gold Rush" album. How influencial that album to me while becoming a teen-ager. To this day I still got most of your albums in vinyl. I still listens to them!

Why I'm anxious to hear "Time Fades Away"? I don't know? But I think a lot people out there feels the same way. You have no idea how important your music to us."

#2099 Mark :
"What would Sun Green do? Or Grandpa?"

#2074 Jack Fenworthy, Toronto, Ontario:
"My Man, Neil:

Your work is unlike any other artist in the music industry. No one compares to your integrity, your honesty and your musical ability. Hell - your lyrics are awesome as well !

Time Fades Away is one of the rawest and purely entertaining albums I've ever heard. Please re-release it. It's a diamond in the rough, waiting to be heard by many of today's younger listeners. Please keep rocking."

#1611 Dave Hook:
"This is one your top artistic statements ever. Please release it. Art is about pain sometimes, and this is as raw a statement on that subject as I've ever seen."

#1609 Hemel Hempstead, UK:
"I love this Neil Young album and would dearly like to see it re-released. Mind you, despite a 15 year gap since last playing the vinyl version, (still unpacked though 3 house moves) it still exists perfectly in my head. Endless listening to and playing with on guitar has ingrained it. So, in actual fact, I don't need it re-released.
Well, at least, not like those who have never heard it. Anyway, I rather like using the "I wonder if it's been released yet" excuse for checking the "Y" section in music stores I pass and when it's not there (surprise!) buying something else instead. Time Fades Away will eventually, like On The Beach, Hawks & Doves and Re-ac-tor were, be
re-released and become cherished again - I have no doubt of that. Oh yes, and when it does get released can we please NOT start up anything similar for Journey through the Past. No, what I really, really, really, want released is the naked, original version of Tonight's The Night! Oh yes, and Volumes 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of the Neil Young Complete
music book series. Thanks."

Hiding Behind Haybales,
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