Sunday, March 06, 2005

Petition Comments Highlights

Lot of great comments on the TFA petition still rolling in. I really enjoy reading these and folks have made some great comments. Some are a real barrel of laughs...

#1019 - dave johnston:
"All of Shakespeare's plays, good or bad, are available in an easily accessed format, aren't they?"

#1018 - ryan coleman, buffalo, ny USA:
"From opening to close, this album has always been one of my alltime favorites. la, don't be denied and last dance helped me to learn new guitar techniques long ago. neil should be proud of this album."

#1017 - Edward Mulholland:
"Neil, I love this record. so what if you don't like it yourself? The songs are strong and the atitude in which they are played is total 'fuck you!'. It's country rock crossed with punk, years before Green on Red or REM had the idea. I bought a very shitty sounding bootleg copy on CD before finding a mint copy on LP. If you don't like the record fine, get over it and let us be the judge!"

Lastly, the Petition story just got picked up on Blogcritics.

If you get a chance, check out the article and drop a comment at the
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More comment highlights below in COMMENTS.


At 5:14 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

More petition comment highlights:

#930 - michelle in Aurora, Oregon:

"Dear Neil,

In a perverse sort of way, I hope that you never release release this

This way we fans get to cherish our little secret with you, Neil.

If this album ever gets a public release, it'll kill the magical

So sign me as "don't release TFA"."

#926 - Jake Daniels:

"From a 20 year old who stole his father's TFA vinyl, please release
this and open the eyes and ears of a new generation."

#915 - Josh:

"I was born in 1976, and if not for my dads worn out copy of TFA I
would never have heard this passionate music that helped shape my
adolescence. Now the music is only a memory that desperately needs to
be refreshed. Please release TFA for the fans that ever so needs it
back in their life. "

#913 - John Gatesworth:

"I find it supremely ironic that fans have to beg for an official
release that they can buy when the RIAA is out arresting music loving
fans around the world?
Strange indeed..."

#1005 - Spencer Daniels :

"After finally hearing a bootleg version of this, it astounds me that
Mr. Young has not yet re-released what sounds like possibly the only
true relative of his classic "Tonight's the Night." It was that album
that singlehandedly got me interested in his music, having been
somewhat turned off by the more polished sounds of Harvest, etc.
Besides the fact that his legacy should be preserved with a quality
version of this, especially since the recent remasters sounds so
pristine yet warm, it would be a loss to music fans, new and old, who
have overproduced, emotionally hollow, vapid garbage shoved down their
throats day after day. I'll take "Time Fades Away" over any of the
horrible albums released in the last decade any day."

#1253 - Brad Rich:

" "Time" is certainly one of the most amazing collections of music of
its era. It and "On the Beach" and especially, to me, "Tonight's the
Night" all are exquisite representations of an artist with courage and
integrity beyond measure fearlessly seeking to plum the depths of his
(and our) tortured souls. Make it possible for more to here these
masterpieces, please."

#1250 - R. A. Kett :

"Presenting an aural portrait of torture and pain, it's Mr. Young's
greatest live album (also the only one consisting of all-original
tracks). I was fortunate enough to track down a copy on LP, and I
listen to it at least once a week. It's a shame that it's not on CD."

Lastly, the Petition story just got picked up on Blogcritics @
If you get a chance, check out the article and drop a comment at the
bottom. (No registration required.)


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